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ABIM Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza

9th July 2014 : ABIM Condemns Israeli attack on Gaza Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) condemns Israeli attack towards Palestinian people on Gaza Strip. Attack that had begun since last Tuesday had killed 27 people and injured 130. The attack had been done by Israeli Armed Force who retaliate Hamas rocket towards Israeli settlement.But, there is no Israeli who reported killed by the rocket because of their advanced defence mechanism, meanwhile a lot of Palestinian especially women and children had suffered from Israel rocket. Israeli claimed that they are targeting Hamas camp but actually a lot of civilian had become collateral The attack had been done when Muslims in the holy month of Ramadhan.

This is clear indicator that Israeli regime did not have respect towards basic human rights who protect the rights of people to perform their religious duty without interference. This attack also shattered any effort for peace talks between Israeli regime and Palestinian people because of the regime arrogance in wanting to control the occupied West Bank.

This bloody conflict is a repeat of the Israelis who continue to punish Palestinian because of one dead Israeli teenager eventhough it is still not proven who is the ABIM hopes that Muslim Ummah can unite and demands the international community especially the United States and its alliance to give pressure towards regime.

Eventhough United States official stand is still blaming the Hamas but people around the world had realized the Israeli atrocities and injustices. Israeli regime is at the least popular level in the eye of international community. One by one of their alliance from the West is distancing themselves from Israel. UN Security Council should convene and act fast on the matter of Israeli regime war crime. This conflict is the best opportunity to bring down the regime arrogance and demand them to tear down the wall and stop any development on the occupied West Bank.

The rights of the people of Gaza should be respected by opening the border and allowing food and medical help to enter. The Muslim countries should unite once more and helping the Palestinian to liberate their homeland from Israeli ABIM also urged Malaysian to perform Solat Hajat and Qiyamullail in order to ask Allah’s help in Palestinian struggles in defending themselves from Israeli continuous attack.

ABIM also will organize special Solat Hajat on 19th July at Masjid As-Solihin, Teras Jernang, Bangi.


Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM)