angkatan belia islam malaysia (abim)
muslim youth movement of malaysia


ABIM wishes to share the deep concerns raised by Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association (MACMA)’s president, Prof Dr Taufiq Yap Yun Hin involving the spectre of racism brought about by a trifling group of Malays instilling hatred against others.

Prof. Taufiq stressed on the crucial role of Malay Muslims in portraying the best example and paragon of excellence to all in this nation of ours. ABIM trusts and believes that MACMA as a respectable organisation representing Chinese Muslims keeping the Chinese well informed about the understanding of Islam, is justified in rejecting any form of misrepresenting Islam as if it was racist and bigoted which does not live up to the true teachings of Islam.

In the same spirit, ABIM is deeply saddened and strongly rejects any form of racial sentiment and all acts of racial prejudice towards others. Unchecked bigotry tend to become virulent bringing about extremism which does not auger well for Malays and Muslims. ABIM believes that the cause to uphold race and religion needs a clear and refreshing meaning.

The cause to champion race and religion should be nurtured and governed by the Islamic principles such as social justice, trust, integrity, unity and in tandem with the ultimate objectives of Shariah. Malay Muslims need to display the image and essence of Islam as the religion of universal mercy and blessing (rahmatan li al-`alamin).

The disgracing attempt to introduce the term “Islamic racism” is vehemently opposed and abhorred as it tries to justify racist acts religiously. Throughout history, the Malay region has always lived up to the image of mercy and blessings by showing its graciousness, being amiable and friendly, courteous and caring.

This region has a unique historical record of tolerance and acceptance which should be sustained and mobilised as a uniting force among diverse races and cultures. Indeed, as a truly informed and noble nation, Muslims should uphold the principle of human dignity or known as karomah insaniyah which has been assured and conferred by Allah Almighty upon every child of Adam transcending race or religion.

By espousing and advocating this great principle, we shall be able to appreciate and value the existence of others in this lovely country of ours in common humanity living with honour and dignity. Mohamad Raimi Abd Rahim, President, Muslim Youth Movesment Of Malaysia (ABIM)