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Not A Black-And-White Issue

For Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim) secretary Faisal Abdul Aziz, the more important thing was for Malaysians to practise moderation and maturity by taking into account both views to come up with the best conclusion on ICERD.

“To find a halfway point and as an early process to education on rejecting discrimination, it is not far-fetched to recommend that Malaysia enact laws against discrimination by taking the essence of ICERD and at the same time giving the right to Malaysians to decide the narrative and its enforcement without the involvement of outsiders,” he says.

Understanding it as a process without putting a full stop by forcing its enforcement, would help people adapt to the spirit and good elements of ICERD, says Faisal.

“At the same time, putting a full stop to force the people to reject ICERD without finding a middle ground would close discourse and healthy debate among the society.

“Therefore all segments of society should be open to admit the dilemma faced by others. Through this, we will be able to solve societal issues together substantially and not just utter political rhetoric alone,” he says. Read more at The Star