Persecution In Xinjiang: ABIM Urges The Whole International Communities To Express Their Stand Together With Twenty Two.

July 12, 2019

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) is referring to a joint statement made by twenty two countries urging the Chinese government to end its mass arbitrary detentions and related violations against Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

ABIM described the effort as timely given the major persecution and infringement of freedom of religion and live towards the Muslim communities have been going on for decades without any effort by the Chinese government to put an end to these gross abuses.

The statement signed by the Permanent Representative of respective states including United Kingdom, Germany and Japan has shown that the concern about the arbitrary persecution targeting Uighurs and other minorities has come to the attention of the state members of the United Nations, in particular the UN Human Rights Council.

The right to live and freedom of religion and belief are recognized as part and parcel of universal values that must be preserved, hence ABIM urges the whole communities to stand together with the call to request China to uphold and respect these fundamental elements of human rights.

ABIM also calls for any other states, OIC and Asian countries in particular to take the same joint effort as a mechanism to strengthen the voice of protest and disfavour upon the Chinese government for acts and omissions that do not respect and uphold the human rights of Uighur people and other religious minorities or communities who are prevented from having the freedom of religion and belief and the rights to a meaningful life.

As specifically affirmed in the Article 6.3 of the Asian Human Rights Charter which states that “the freedom of religion and conscience is particularly important in Asia where most people are deeply religious; many find their primary identity in religion”, it gives connotation that any act of infringement of religious freedom in Asia is perceived as unacceptable and alien in this continent.

MOHAMAD RAIMI AB RAHIM President, Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM).

N0 6, JALAN TC 24/2