Silent Pro-Uighur Protest By ABIM At ‘Beautiful Xinjang’ Cultural Show.

December 21, 2019

Nur Hasliza Mohd Salleh


KAJANG: A group of young Muslims led by Abim, the Muslim youth movement, organised a silent protest tonight outside a convention centre where a “Beautiful Xinjang” cultural show was being held, to show support for the Uighur minority there.

Abim vice-president Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Samsudin urged the government to speak out consistently against the injustices committed against the ethnic Uighur minority in Xinjang province. He said Abim also urged all Malaysians to boycott events organised by the Chinese government.

The protest was held at the Bangi Avenue Convention Centre here, tightly guarded by police.

Also present were representatives of PAS, the Global Peace Mission and the Muslims for Uighur organisation.

The Chinese government has been accused of oppressing the Uighur ethnic minority in Xinjiang, who are Muslim, and of forcing them into vocational training camps for “political education”. The special rapporteur of the United Nations has said that as many as a million or 7% of Muslims in Xinjiang are been sent to the camp.

Nazir Hilmi, leader of PAS Youth in Bangi, said thousands would hold large-scale protest demonstrations against the Xinjang cultural shows if it was held across the country.

He urged the government to make clear that it did not agree with the Chinese action against the Uighur. Although the government wished to maintain good relations with China, that did not mean the government should not take a stand on the treatment of the Uighur.

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