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ABIM Criticizes French Muslim Rights Denial Policy, Sends Letter To Macron


Muslim Youth Movement Malaysia (ABIM) condemns the policies denying the rights of Muslims in France which are increasingly practiced without empathy and respect for human dignity and human rights principles.

ABIM refers to the latest decision by the French Senate to ban French Muslim women under the age of 18 from wearing the hijab. The ban was made on the justification of the anti-separatist law.

ABIM comprehends the rights of any country to enact any laws in the name of protecting its sovereignty. But in the name of human rights, it must be done proportionately and not to the point of leading to discrimination and persecution of a certain group of people.

To aggravate the situation, the principle of law has been used as a weapon to suppress a religion, as it will inevitably allow for more violations of religious rights by the authorities.

ABIM, on 24 February 2021 sent a letter to the French President HE M Emmanuel Macron through the French Ambassador to Malaysia, urging the French government to be rational by respecting and celebrating religious diversity, particularly as a cornerstone of unity in combating climate crisis.

This includes ABIM’s initiatives to elevate environmental and climate change issues as a common ground in gathering various religions to come together and work towards finding amicable solutions for the world instead of being preoccupied with sentiments of disunity between one another.

Thus, ABIM urges the French government to stop any policy justifying the oppression of any religion including Islam.
ABIM also urges France to withdraw the Senate House approval banning the wearing of headscarves to Muslim women under the age of 18.

Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz
Muslim Youth Movement Malaysia (ABIM)