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Campaign To Raise Funds For Braille History Books


Imran Ariff 

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Foundation for the Blind (MFB) and the Muslim Youth Movement Malaysia (Abim) today launched a fundraising campaign to translate, print and distribute history books in braille for visually handicapped students.
Abim vice-president Zairudin Hashim said the initial target of the campaign is RM100,000, which will be used to produce and distribute the text books.
“Most of the books cost around RM90. They are quite expensive and usually only last one or two months as they can easily get damaged and need replacement,” he said.
If more than RM100,000 is raised, he said, Abim and MFB can use the additional funds to conduct a roadshow advocating for the rights of the blind community.
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“We tend to see disabled people as people we need to give money to, but actually, there are many who contribute to our society, so we need to understand they have the potential to give to the country.
“As fellow Malaysians, we need to make sure we don’t forget them.”
MFB founder Silatul Rahim Dahman said this initiative was important for blind students.
“If their needs are not met, they are going to face a lot of difficulties in their studies,” he said.
He hoped the fund will not just produce braille books but also raise awareness on the needs and rights of blind.
“People will not understand our actual problems, feelings and difficulties unless they are disabled, but nobody wants to be disabled. That is the dilemma we often face with the public.”
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Silatul also wants to produce and distribute “books of the general order”, so that blind people can learn about their rights.
The books will initially be produced in Malay, but they hope to produce texts in other languages in the future. Sources: Free Malaysia Today.