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Qatar-Gulf Crisis: Can We Rely on OIC ‘Oh I See’?

By: Ahmad Shahir Abdul Aziz

1) Some may choose to see Qatar as an impediment of Gulf states’ agenda for stabilizing the region. Others may see it as a symbol of Muslims’ ambitions as mediator between the two different blocks and “godfathers”.

2) It is not surprising then that the severance of diplomatic ties with Qatar led by Riyadh has become a rather divisive issue.

3) But putting aside Qatar’s emotional baggage and focusing on the nuts and bolts, is the movement a good decision? It really depends on which stakeholder you ask.

4) Certainly, the decision is unequivocally good for US-block allies led by Israel. It offers lucrative opportunities for Tel Aviv to create another series of successful wiles and meticulous manoeuvring which allow it to become the main architect of middle east’s future. Under the pretext of fighting “terrorism” labelled by US, Israel bragged that it will wipe out Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood movement and their notorious leader Dr. Yusof Al-Qardhawi by undermining Qatar.

5) Yet, it is never that simple. There is still a wild card left. Turkey has deftly played a vital role in subtle and has developed quiet understanding with Qatar. In this regards, Ankara may not be knocked out but its role may be geographically widen to certain parts of gulf regions by deploying troops in Doha.

6) As a result, it makes the crisis full in puzzles. While US will be unwavering its full support for Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, it also needs support from Turkey to against IS and weaken Russia’s influence in middle east. The question is, can US square the circle of its promises to Turkey while also dealing with Israel and its allies?

7) All this being said, the crisis will surely give adverse impact for gulf countries as a whole. As they get embroiled in domestic crisis, it is vast opportunity for US and Israel to strengthen their presence in middle east and eradicate Palestine.

8) Indeed, it is not too late for them and the rest of OIC member countries especially Malaysia to take immediate action to reduce the tension. The truth is, we are Muslim countries and we stand together in one accord to uphold the spirit of concord, peace and solidarity. If we dont, the war might be inevitable!

Written by: AHMAD SHAHIR ABDUL AZIZ Currently is Ph.D Student at Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)