Rahmatan Lil Alamin Is An Amanah : Amidi Abd Manan - ABIM
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Rahmatan Lil Alamin Is An Amanah : Amidi Abd Manan

This International Conference is a sign of solidarity of the younger generation of Muslims who support the concept of universal “Islam Rahmatan Lil Alamin”. It should be understood that Muslims cherish and express compassion, love, grace, and peace for mankind.

Any element of extremism should be rejected not only by Muslims, but by all mankind. Extremism is a threat to humanity because it threatens the global socio-political stability. Rahmatan Lil’Alamin is a key towards peace and prosperity.

It allows us to endeavour and lead our civilizations towards benefitting humanity. For this reason, this conference ought to be able to lay the foundation for our young brothers and sisters to establish Islamic values as the core for future global security and prosperity.

We hope that in the near future Islamophobia would be a thing in the past. Islamophobia designates the irrational fear of Islam that drives people to make blanket judgments accusing all Muslims of harbouring the same murderous fantasies that Muslim extremists express and act upon.

The terrifying assassination of the Japanese hostage, the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the hostage tragedy in Sydney shadowing the phenomenal rise of ISIS heightens global Islamophobia, which poses a great challenge for this conference.

This conference provides the avenue of ideas and thoughts for a young generation of Muslim leaders. This young generation should be able to map out Rahmatan Lil’Alamin through the best and ideal approach. We are pleased that the conference features prominent Muslim intelligentsia who shall assist to establish holistic road maps for the future of Islam.

In elaborating the concept of Jihad, the deliberations shall be led by eminent Islamic thinker, Brother Prof Dr Tariq Ramadan who will present the “Quranic Concept of Jihad”. Knowledge is the essential element towards actualizing “Rahmatan Lil’Alamin”.

Dr Syed Khairuddin Al-Junied, a rising young Muslim intellectual of our time, shall present his view artfully entitled “Can Muslims Think?” Rahmatan Lil’Alamin is a spur for Islah or Reform. It drives the roadmap for the betterment of humanity.

“Islamic Renaissance in the 21st Century: Myth or Reality”, by Fulbright Scholar Dr Zulkifli Hassan, shall critically enlighten us on resurgence and renewal of Islam in the modern world today.

Rahmatan Lil’Alamin is an amanah – a trust held by all Muslims. We need ideas and action to fulfil the mission and vision of the Holy Prophet s.a.w: “Undoubtedly, this Quran is sufficient for the worshippers. And We sent not you, but as a mercy for all worlds. (Al-Anbiyaa: 106-107)